The Bonds Clearing and Settlement team performs the role of the Settlement Authority as required by the JSE Rules and Directives.

The Settlement Authority ensures that trades dealt in Cash Bond Securities listed on the JSE are settled accordingly.

Functions of the JSE Clearing and Settlement division - Cash Bonds Market and ETP

  • Ensure Settlement Assurance for trades executed in the ETP Market
  • Monitoring Bond settlement
  • Performs lender of last resort between SARB and Primary Dealer
  • Lender of last resort for IRC members.
  • Balancing of the daily margin and maintenance levels of the Primary Dealers
  • Assist market regulation with cancellation of ETP trades when required to do so
  • Monitor settlements of all ETP trades
  • Monitoring Cash Bond settlements
  • Advising members of all uncommitted positions and potential issues.
  • Managing the same same-day window and extension thereof in the Cash Bonds Market
  • Issuing of fines for transgressions of the Rules and Directives in the Cash Bonds Market
  • Inward listing for bonds reporting