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Manual Meeting Services

This is done by a paper ballot system. All verified shareholders are issued a ballot form for voting purposes. Results are tabulated after ballots have been collected from all shareholders at the meeting and added to the proxy votes received.

This is the most cost-effective way of managing poll voting at a shareholders’ meeting and this option is perfect for meetings with minimal shareholder attendance.

Virtual Meeting Services

The virtual meeting service, allows for instant accurate polls, expands the scope of shareholder engagement and provides companies with the opportunity to transform the way they conduct their Annual General Meetings.

This platform caters for virtual AGMs and electronic voting, as well as any other meetings you may need to conduct remotely.

Features and benefits of the virtual meeting platform include:

  • Voting on company resolutions for AGMs can be done from remote locations
  • A concise record of all attendees, their input into the meeting as well as voting tallies
  • Connects participants from any location
  • Shareholders are able to communicate directly with the board, in an unmoderated manner, verbally or via text.
  • Remote participation through any smart device
  • Secure auditing
  • Cost effective
  • Accommodates both electronic connections and physical attendees
  • Accommodates all AGMs and other meetings regardless of size
  • Technical support
  • Outlook integration
  • Attendance reports and poll results are processed and audited and full reports detailing every vote cast will be produced instantly at the conclusion of the meeting.

While we believe that virtual meetings will in due course become widely accepted, or at least become a routine adjunct to conventional meetings, the immediate availability of this service is particularly relevant in today’s climate where “business as usual” may no longer be the norm.

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