List on the Main Board if you have a well-established company and seek equity funding to grow your business exponentially. Well-established companies who want to raise equity to grow their business exponentially are listing on the JSE’s Main Board. This is where you will find the JSE’s Top 40 stocks, as well as securities like exchange-traded funds (ETFs), exchange-traded notes (ETNs) and warrants.

Main BoardAlmost a fifth of the companies on the JSE’s Main Board are dual listed. If a company’s primary listing is on the JSE​, the company is regulated by the JSE. 

If a company has a secondary listing on the JSE, the company is listed by its primary listing destination. Companies have secondary listings to enable them to raise capital in markets other than the market opened up by their primary listing.

To list on the JSE’s Main Board, a company must have a sponsor. All interaction with the JSE takes place through the company’s sponsor.

Any JSE-listed company or product issuer also needs to appoint a JSE-approved auditor​ and legal advisors with experience in capital markets.​​